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New Favorite

I was hooked from the opening of the first episode and have continually been waiting unpatiently for every episode. This show has it all. Compelling roll-play with deep characters, plot development, comedy, drama, wonderful voice acting, and of course the titular shaming of dice. This is my current favorite show out of the 20-something ttrpg's I listen too.

One of my new favorites!

I love a good actual-play TTRPG podcast, and Dice Shame has knocked it out of the park for me so far! I love the great mix of humor, game mechanics and nice RP moments. It's now in my regular rotation, along with The Adventure Zone, Neoscum, and The Dimension Door Podcast. I'm also now far more tempted to yell "Shame!" at my dice when they misbehave, so...thanks?

They Rock!

I’ve watched Justin and Co., for a long time and they never disappoint!

As always the Invictus Stream team hits it out of the park.

The game pace is swift yet they take the time for meaningful and of course funny RP moments. The characters are nearly as colorful as the people playing them. To top it all off you’ll never find a nicer more excepting group of humans. I can’t say enough good about them and this endeavor. FTFD! SHAME!

Just Amazing

This podcast has the right combination of action, suspense, and humor to keep you listening and wanting more.


It’s obviously a passion project for these fine people, it’s a must grok 👍


A fantastic podcast with a great cast. Jo brings so much to the narrative and paints a beautiful world for the listeners to delve into. The players are funny and mesh really well together. The audio quality is great and the length of the episodes are perfect. Perfectly palatable. Easily my favorite podcast out there.

My New Favorite Podcast

I don't get a lot of time to roleplay myself, so this show is a good surrogate for that. It's entertaining and funny. The players really get into the roles, which is fun to listen to. On the technical side, sound quality is excellent for a first time podcast. The story is really fun too. Interested in seeing where it goes.

Love it!

These guys are the best RPGers around. The stories they build are absolutely incredible.


As always the Invictus crew know how to make us laugh and create a memorable experience

Good times

These are real people doing real human things together and it works out to be pretty fun.