Dice Shame

Dice Shame

Imagine your best game of D&D. The shocks, the twists and turns, the moments that can’t be caught because you just had to be there. That’s Dice Shame.

With the ability to tell a long form story, starring people who not only share a genuine love for the game—but also love for each other—we’ve managed to bring the feel of being around the table to you.

Join our DM Jo, her husband Harlan, their brother Alex & their best friends Rob and Alex as they experience those unmissable, gut-wrenching, heart-aching, joy-filled moments.

This legendary AP releases a brand new episode every Thursday morning at 1:20 am!


1 | 'A Piece of Cake'

1 | 'A Piece of Cake'

Oct. 31, 2019

The Party travels to Nightstone to begin their quest...

2 | 'The Break of Dawn'

2 | 'The Break of Dawn'

Oct. 31, 2019

Recovering from their fight, the Party returns for round two...

3 | 'Talk of the Town'

3 | 'Talk of the Town'

Oct. 31, 2019

The Party takes aim at an unlikely source for information...

4 | 'A Bridge too Far'

4 | 'A Bridge too Far'

Nov. 7, 2019

An unexpected arrival makes life in Nightstone a little trickier...

5 | 'Hit the Hay'

5 | 'Hit the Hay'

Nov. 14, 2019

After a near fatal brush with the enemy, the team must regroup...

6 | 'An Uphill Battle'

6 | 'An Uphill Battle'

Nov. 21, 2019

A sizable force turns their attention to Nightstone and the heroes within...

About the Hosts

Justin James

Justin played Craeloth and contributed to the music, sound design, and post production from episodes 1-150. Justin is one of the original co-creators of Dice Shame. He has since retired from the show.

Alex NursallProfile Photo

Alex Nursall

Cast Member

Alex Nursall (she/her) is a weird little audio gremlin who spends both her working life and her spare time directing at a recording studio. She is the co-creator/writer and director of the podcast Parkdale Haunt (where she also plays the character of Judith) and is the latest addition to the cast of Dice Shame. She’s mostly been a DM in the past, which is either a blessing or a curse, possibly both (for both her and Jo). She is an enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in an obnoxiously patterned shirt.

Vulnerable to: Ice cream, club soda (both as a drink and if you threw a can at her head)

Resistant to: Apple pie

Alex plays: Mairi Miann, the Druid

Alex GuthrieProfile Photo

Alex Guthrie

Cast Member

Alex Guthrie (he/him) first began playing D&D with his friends in Scouts when he was about 13 years old. They'd spend a lot of time hiking through forests, climbing through caves, building bridges across rivers, and camping out under the stars while exploring the wilderness, while imagining that the lands they traversed were filled with fantastic creatures of all kinds. Alex joined an improv comedy theatre group and made short films with his friends whenever the opportunity arose. Alex still loves to perform and he uses his imagination and creativity in playing music, writing, and of course the ever-freeing experience of role-playing games!

Vulnerable to: Distractions, pronouncing words correctly

Resistant to: Insults

Alex Plays: Dorin Ironfist, the Fighter

Rob DeobaldProfile Photo

Rob Deobald

Cast Member

Rob Deobald (he/him) is a community and convention organizer, podcaster, tabletop game aficionado and an organizer for the Toronto Area Gamers community. Rob loves games ranging from epics abundant with intense world building and cosmic weirdness to quiet, introspective games that are personal and try to punch you in the guts.

Vulnerable to: freshly roasted coffee, kittens

Resistant to: bureaucracy, wastewater (day jobs can lead to some weird skills, eh?)

Rob Plays: Jack Page, the Wizard

Harlan GuthrieProfile Photo

Harlan Guthrie

Co-Creator, Editor, Music, Post Production, Cast Member, Social Media

Harlan Guthrie (he/him) is a creative, nerdy, medium sized dynamo. He is a writer, voice actor, editor, charismatic leader, cheerleader and husband to the benevolent GM Jo. If he’s not working on Dice Shame, you can find him pulling the strings in the Audio Drama “Malevolent” or streaming Wednesday nights on The INVICTUS Stream. Singularly one of the most entertaining and wonderful people you will ever meet. Best served fresh, with a plate of Hot Wings.

Vulnerable to: pizza, compliments, jokes

Resistant to: peer pressure, horror movies & bludgeoning damage (not really, please don’t hit him)

Harlan Plays: Red Handed-Robin, the Ranger

Jo GuthrieProfile Photo

Jo Guthrie

Co-Creator, Dungeon Master

Jo Guthrie (she/her) is a selectively permeable information sponge. Born in the rocks and wild of the Canadian Shield, she moved to Toronto in 2005 and has enjoyed RPGs basically ever since. D&D is her favourite system, but she is omnivorous. She'll eat almost anything that's been pickled and loves hot drinks. Always ready to either laugh or cry.

Vulnerable to: horror movies, being acutely hungry, cute dogs (all dogs)

Resistant to: actual real blood, bad smells, motion sickness