Dice Shame

Absolute Top Notch Content

Finding a D&D podcast with just the right level of Comedy, Heart, and Quality Gameplay/Story-Telling is tough. I’ve started and stopped many actual play pods that just couldn’t grab my attention...and I’d end up going back and re-listening to TAZ or NADDPOD.

So when I stumbled upon Dice Shame - I was genuinely thrilled to be hooked immediately. The audio quality and editing is BEYOND top notch, which automatically had my attention...then add in that they had me laughing right off the bat...sold.

Characters grow throughout the show, the combats are EPIC (nailbiters every time), and they do an amazing job of playing from a campaign book but really making it their own.

10/10 would recommend

- Andy

April 17, 2021 by Phil1234531 on Apple Podcasts

Dice Shame